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                Coil knowledge

                What are the common inductors?

                Single-layer coil
                Single coil is a circle around the enclosure to get a paper or bakelite skeleton insulated wire. Such as transistor radio, medium wave antenna coil.
                Ferrite core and iron powder core coil
                The inductance of the coil depends on whether or not it has a magnetic core. The ferrite core is inserted in the air core coil to increase inductance and improve the quality of the coil.
                Copper core coil
                Copper core coil in ultrashort wave range is widely applied to change the inductance using the copper core coil position, this adjustment is convenient and durable.
                Color code inductor
                The utility model relates to a high frequency inductance coil, which is wrapped with epoxy resin or plastic after winding some enameled wires on the magnetic core. Its operating frequency is 10KHz to 200MHz, and inductance is generally between 0.1uH and 3300uH. Is the color code inductor inductor with fixed inductance, the inductance of the same sign as to the color ring resistance method to mark. Its unit is uH.
                Choke (choke)
                Coils that restrict alternating current are called choke, divided into high frequency choke and low frequency choke.
                Deflecting coil
                The deflection coil is the load of the output stage of the TV scanning circuit. The deflection coil requires high deflection sensitivity, uniform magnetic field, high Q value, small size and low price.
                Air core inductance
                In order to obtain larger inductance value, the air core inductor must be made of more enameled wires. In order to reduce the influence of the line resistance of the inductance itself on the direct current, the enameled wire with thicker wire diameter should be adopted. But in some less volume products, it is not realistic to use very heavy air core inductors, which not only increase costs, but also limit the volume of the products. In order to increase the inductance value and keep the light weight, we can insert the core and the iron core in the air core inductance to improve the inductance of the inductance, thereby increasing the inductance value. At present, most of the cores in a computer are magnetic cores