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                Coil knowledge

                General knowledge of self adhered coils and inductors

                Self winding coil
                Unit 1: Henry is abbreviated as "H"
                Symbol: "L" hollow inductance, Central inductance, variable inductance, SMD inductor, self-adhesive coil
                Two, self-adhesive coil inductance varieties:
                Structure: self adhered coil is wrapped with enameled wire on the insulating frame

                According to whether the core inductance is divided into two kinds: one is a hollow inductor, the inductor is a self-adhesive coils two; according to the device form is divided into vertical and horizontal, small fixed type; according to the work frequency bump into high frequency and low frequency inductance coil inductance coil. The inductance of the core is smaller, the inductance of the core is larger (the effect of the core is increasing inductance), the inductance is divided into magnetic core and iron core, and the magnetic core is larger than the inductance of the iron core.

                1 、 SMD inductors:
                Symbol: SMD inductors "L, FB" chip inductors
                2 、 inductance coil:
                Symbol: "L""

                Three. Nominal methods and parameters of inductors:

                1, inductors nominal method has two kinds: the first kind is the straight mark method, the second is the color code method
                (1) direct calibration method: the inductance is printed directly on the inductor

                (2) color code method: that is, the color ring shows inductance, the unit is mH, the first two digits indicate the useful numbers, the third bits indicate the magnification, and the fourth bit is the error.

                2, the influence of inductance size of the elements are:
                (1) the number of turns, the number of turns, the number of turns, the greater the inductance.
                (2) cross sectional area: the thickness of the knee thread is thicker and the inductance is greater.

                (3) with or without core;

                3: the inductance coil of AC inductance, showing a special block effect.

                With similar inductance capacitance, inductance coil inductor self-adhesive size of two elements, namely the formula for calculating the inductance and inductance frequency: X2=2 PI FLX2 for inductor inductance, F through inductor current frequency, inductance inductor for L

                4, rated current is a major parameter of inductors, rated current refers to the inductor in the normal operation of the maximum current promised by the current. In the application of self adhered coil, the actual working current of inductor must be less than the rated current and the self winding coil, otherwise the inductance coil will be extremely hot and even burn.

                5, quality factor: self-adhesive coil nominal value of Q, with the letter "Q" shows. The Q value indicates that the higher the coil quality and the higher the Q value, the higher the power of the inductor coil is, the smaller the power loss of the inductor coil is.