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                The wireless charging coil winding coil note _ jinzan coil

                In the actual application of the wireless charging and receiving coil, the wireless charging receiving coil has an appropriate number of kinds of inductance coils, and the standard coils for the wrong standard and the wireless charging coils are arranged in accordance with the requirements. Self winding, we should pay attention to the following points:

                (1) according to the circuit requirements, selected winding method

                In winding the hollow induction coil, according to the request of the circuit, the size of the inductance of the coil and the diameter of the coil skeleton, determine the winding method. The winding coil is suitable for use in high frequency and ultra high frequency circuits. When the number of turns is less than 3 laps to 5 laps, it can have better characteristics without using skeleton. The Q value is higher, up to 150-400, and the stability is high. The single layer close wound coil of the wireless receive and receive coil is suitable for the short wave and medium wave circuits, and the Q value can reach 150-250, and the utility model has higher stability.

                (2) to select the proper wires for the current carrying capacity and the mechanical strength of the coils

                The coil should not be used or wire winding, avoid adding coil resistance, the Q value decreased. The wireless charging coil wire together, too small, its carrying capacity and mechanical strength are small, simple burn or touch broken. Therefore, in order to ensure the coil carrying capacity and mechanical strength of the premise, we must choose the appropriate wire winding.

                (3) the winding tap shall be a significant symbol

                The tapped coil should have a significant symbol, so it's easy to install and repair.

                (4) coil with different frequency characteristic, choose different magnetic core

                Coils with different operating frequencies have different characteristics. An inductive coil used by a radio receiving coil in the audio section, usually using silicon steel or permalloy as core data. The low-frequency ferrite is used as the core data, and the inductance is large. The coil can reach several tens of dozens. Between several hundred thousand Hertz to several megahertz, such as the coil of the medium wave broadcast section, the ferrite core is usually chosen and is wound with a plurality of insulated wires. When the frequency is higher than several MHz, the coil uses the high frequency ferrite as the magnetic core, also uses the hollow coil. The multi strand insulation line this situation should not be, and should choose the single ply of silver wire winding.

                When 100MHz is over, the ferrite core is usually not used, and the wireless charging coil can only be used with a hollow coil. If a trimming is made, the steel core can be used. Except for the inductance and rated current, the wireless charging coil should meet the request of the circuit, and it should also be careful that the distributed capacitance should not be too large